Training Programs

Training apprentices, journeymen and managers on printing techniques

NP&RC offers training in several production areas. This training provides apprentices as well as seasoned professionals the knowledge necessary to stay abreast of the new technology facing newspapers today. NP&RC also offers courses to managers and decision makers who may not have a working background in production activities. This provides these individuals with a good working knowledge of these areas so they can eventually manage them.

With new and rapidly evolving technology, it is critical that the production workers and managers have a solid understanding of the production process in which they will be involved. This training benefits not only the production worker and those with direct responsibilities for production activities, but it helps those working in other areas as well, such as advertising, accounting and finance, news and others. 

NP&RC’s training facility in Oklahoma City is perfect for newspapers that will allow employees to enroll in an intensive, uninterrupted one- or two-week training program. NP&RC has both double- and single-width presses at its facility. A Panther ImageSetter, digital cameras, Agfa film processor, Quark Express, PageMaker, and Photoshop are also part of the equipment or software that NP&RC has in its inventory, which is used to benefit the newspapers that utilize its training programs. 

NP&RC can help your newspaper become more productive, reduce newsprint waste and dramatically improve its print quality. We believe that this training option at the training facility in Oklahoma City is the most beneficial due to the uninterrupted, one-on-one training technique.

Did You Know?

Your membership in NP&RC entitles you to FREE on-site press audit services. For detailed information on how your newspaper may take advantage of these services contact us today at (405) 524-7774 or fill out the form provided.  (The one-day press audit does not include any other service work, training, etc. other than the audit itself.)


NP&RC operates on a year-round schedule. Classes in all courses can be arranged for any month of the year. All classes begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 4:30 p.m. each day. One hour is allowed for lunch.

Training dates can be selected and confirmed by companies who can send the minimum number of students for any class listed. Companies desiring to train less than the listed minimum number will be scheduled whenever additional registrations are received and confirmed. Any class may be postponed on relatively short notice if minimum requirements are not met.

Anyone holding reservations in courses postponed or canceled will be notified by telephone as far in advance as possible. In the event classes are firmly scheduled and a company cancels less than one week in advance, a charge of at least one-half the tuition fee for each student may apply.


Members and non-members of SPPI / NP&RC are welcome to enroll students in any of the training courses/seminars: five-day programs, ten-day programs, special one-day to three-day seminars and on-site seminars/training programs and services.

Please contact our office concerning availability and pricing for your newspaper’s custom tailored training programs/seminars.


The hotels located on Meridian Avenue near the airport, downtown Bricktown area, and NW Expressway are the choice of most students attending classes. The hotels are within 10 to 15 minutes of the school.

NP&RC can make hotel reservations on the newspaper’s behalf. The room(s) will be held and the students will need to provide a form of payment upon arrival. You, the newspaper, will be responsible for all room charges. Students are free to make their own accommodations if they so desire

Clothing Requirements

Washable work clothes are recommended for all participants in the classes at the Center. Three changes of work clothes are recommended. Safety shoes are not a necessity. One-day laundry service is available.


Special Production Overview

  • One-week special course 
  • Students will be trained on a wide variety of press and pre-press equipment. 
  • Designed for orientation of executives desiring general knowledge of the total production process. 
  • Students follow, step by step, all the processes involved in producing a finished product. 
  • Students produce a complete newspaper in full process color with an emphasis on print quality. 

 Minimum Class Size: Two
Maximum Class Size: Six  

Advanced Double-Width Offset Press

  • One-week special course 
  • Trained on a Goss Double-Width Metroliner
  • Designed for the experienced press operator who needs to enhance his expertise
  • Main objectives are to achieve superior print quality and reduce newsprint waste.

Minimum Class Size: Two

Maximum Class Size: Six

Advanced Single-Width Offset Press

  • One-week course
  • Goss Urbanite or Goss Community Press
  • Will enhance the experienced single-wide offset press operator’s current level of knowledge
  • Attendee will find improved skills necessary to produce high print quality while learning techniques to reduce newsprint waste.

Minimum Class Size: Two
Maximum Class Size: Six

Electro-Mechanical Repair

  1. Four-day course
  2. Students will be taught to repair all electrical devices that are used to control newspaper equipment.
  3. Designed for individuals who already possess a good mechanical background but need the knowledge necessary to troubleshoot repair electrical devices.
  4. Basic electricity is also taught depending on student levels of skill.

Minimum Class Size: Two
Maximum Class Size: Six

Press Maintenance and Repair

  • One-week course
  • Trained on any of the presses available at NP&RC
  • Designed to help experienced press operators learn the basic electrical and mechanical skills necessary to repair their own press equipment.
  • Both classroom and hands-on sessions are a part of this course.
  • Some topics covered are: copper drum removal and replacement, ink system repair, dampener system repair, plate lockup repair, iron to iron settings and folder repair.

Minimum Class Size: Two
Maximum Class Size: Eight

Double-Width Offset Press

  • Two-week course Trained on a Goss Double-Width Metroliner 
  • Covers all vital steps associated with double-width offset printing. 
  • Part of the curriculum includes roller setting, ink and water balance, hanging plates, etc. 
  • Students produce a complete newspaper in full process color with an emphasis on print quality. 

Minimum Class Size: Two
Maximum Class Size: Eight

Single-Width Offset Press

  • One-week course
  • Trained on a Goss Urbanite or Goss Community Press
  • Course recommended for those wanting knowledge in running a single-wide offset press
  • Practice sessions include page mark-up, webbing, roller setting, water/ink balance and process and spot color register.

Minimum Class Size: Two
Maximum Class Size: Eight

Press Overview

  • One-week course
  • Designed for managers, supervisors and other personnel who desire a working knowledge of the press but will not be required to actually operate presses
  • Students will be instructed in all areas related to running offset newspaper presses.
  • Both classroom and hands-on sessions are a part of this course.
  • Some topics covered are: page position, webbing, angle bars, inking, dampener controls, impression, blankets, register, paster systems, and folder operation.

Press Drive and Controls

  • Five-day course
  • Designed for electrical maintenance personnel who are responsible for maintaining all of the electrical and electronic control devices associated with press drives and press control systems.
  • Will enhance the knowledge of the experienced as well as providing necessary knowledge to incoming personnel.
  • Course is beneficial to supervisors and electrical engineers who need understanding of press drives and controls.
  • Course contains concentrated and detailed classroom and laboratory sessions.
  • Fifth day equips the student with a complete understanding of the automatic paster system.

Minimum Class Size: Two
Maximum Class Size: Six

Special Courses

Special courses of training not listed in this catalog can be arranged through Newspaper Production and Research Center by contacting the Executive Director. Under certain conditions training sessions can be conducted at member newspaper sites.

We invite your inquiries regarding any special circumstances that you might require. Please call (405) 524-7774 with any questions.