On-Site Consultation Services

NP&RC will provide on-site consultation to member newspapers in the form of equipment evaluation, training, and repair. Equipment Evaluations/Press Audits shall be provided to members at no cost other than expense for the first day of service. Examples of this service include evaluation of press equipment such as roller settings, bearing wear, condition of the dampening system, general press condition, newsprint waste studies, quality reproduction studies, and personnel assessments.

Following is a list of some of the services available to members: 

  • Press Equipment Evaluation* 
  • Newsprint Waste Reduction Programs 
  • Press Maintenance & Repair 
  • Press Print Quality Audits 
  • Pre-Press Equipment Calibration 
  • Production Supervision Courses 
  • Press Manuals & Operating Procedures designed specifically for your pressroom 
  • Forklift Training

NP&RC also assists newspapers in evaluating new production equipment. NP&RC staff assists production and senior management in defining new production requirements and identifying products and contractors that meet those needs. *This service is provided to NP&RC members at no cost for the first day except for expenses. A modest fee will be charged for any additional days.

Press Parts

NP&RC manufactures stack units and has a complete inventory of press parts for Goss Community, Urbanite, Metro, Harris V-15, and many other presses. NP&RC specializes in installation and add-ons for single-width equipment. 

Our prices are competitive. 

For more information and pricing, please contact us today at (405) 524-7774