Newspaper Production & Research Center

Press Maintenance
At the Newspaper Production & Research Center, we operate a full-fledged center dedicated to the delicate art of repairing and maintaining newspaper presses. Our services allow us to make consultations that improve the efficiency of your pressroom, reduce newspaper waste, and mitigate unplanned shutdowns. We can also supply parts and even make repairs, allowing your pressroom to keep on purring, without issues, no matter what.
Training Programs
If you're building a pressroom or need help keeping your equipment running, the Newspaper Production & Research Center offers detailed weeklong classes about the art of maintaining newspaper presses. Here, students will learn valuable information about both double- and single-width offset presses, as well as both basic and advanced material regarding maintenance.

What our customers are saying...

"Having been at the Sapulpa Daily Herald for 25 years, I have only been Production Manager for 2 1/2 years. During this time period, Frank and Steve Bourlon have been a great help to me... 

If it weren't for Frank and Steve, I don't know how I would have made it. They are always respectful and never condescending to the fact that I am a woman in a position usually held by a man. They are very prompt returning calls at their earliest convenience. 

The Sapulpa Herald has... other employees they wish to send to Oklahoma City for Frank and Steve to train. We are very impressed with their abilities and knowledge. 

I have recommended them to several other companies. Their experience, knowledge, expertise, and patience to train others the proper techniques is a valuable asset in the newspaper industry."
Teresa Cooper
Sapulpa Daily Herald, Sapulpa OK
"The single width offset press course was excellent. Steve was very thorough in his presentation. I feel like I have a better idea on how a press operates and how to maintain it. Steve was very courteous and very clear on all explanations. He stopped whenever we had questions and answered them very clearly."
James Murray 
The Winchester Sun, Winchester, KY
"...I would like to thank you for sending Frank Bourlon to Alpena for a review of our press operations. His technical expertise was very helpful. He showed our pressmen who have been running the press for 17 years many new things about their equipment and maintenance. 

More valuable still is Frank's ability to work with people at any level. During his stay in Alpena, he won the respect and cooperation of every person he came in contact with, from the publisher to the pressmen."
Robert Nutting 
The Ogden Newspapers, Wheeling, W. VA