Kevin Gossett, plant manager of the Monroe Publishing Co. in Monroe, MI, shares the reason ink rollers need to be set to certain specifications and the roller’s function in the water or ink train:  “Ink transfer rollers do more than their name implies. […]

My February column, “Unsafe at any speed,” sparked reactions from a number of readers who wanted to share their thoughts about safety in the pressroom. Doug Shillington, director of manufacturing at the Windsor Star in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, had this to say: “I would like to comment on your February response to the press manager who would […]

Recently, a production manager asked me the following question: I enjoy reading your Pressman’s Toolbox column on a regular basis. The topics you cover really come in hand with my aging Goss Urbanite press. I’ve been in the newspaper business for over 21 years (only two years overseeing après / packaging production operation) and am faced with […]


Stop circuits keep you and your equipment safe. Normally, printing presses are equipped with either a parallel circuit or a series circuit. Sometimes the press can be equipped with a combination of both series and parallel circuits, depending on the application. Voltage disrupted Basically, the series circuit is comprised of a straight wire to the stop relay, […]

Ever wonder about those little threads that protrude out of the frame of the press? They’re called taper pins. The press manufacturer usually installs these pins to align frame pieces, stacked units, or folder pieces so that when the components are reassembled they are accurately in line with one another. The taper pin is normally tapered at […]