Newspaper Production & Research Center
236 N.E. 31st Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Telephone (405) 524-7774 - Fax (405) 524-7784

Membership Application

Name of Publication ___________________________________________________________

Mailing Address _______________________________________________________________

Telephone ______________ Fax _______________ E-mail ___________________________

Circulation: Morning _____________ Evening _____________ Sunday ______________

Ownership: Individual _____ Family _____ Partnership _____ Corporation ______

Chief Executive Officer: ______________________________________________________

Executive who will be the NP&RC contact: ___________________ Title: ___________

Names of executives for the NP&RC mailing list: _______________________________


Member of Newspaper Group? Yes _______________ No ______________

Name of Newspaper Group: ______________________________________________________

Address of Home Office: _______________________________________________________

Send dues statement to the attention of: ______________________________________

Dues billing address: _________________________________________________________

Date of application: _______________________

Authorized Signature: _______________________________ Title: __________________

Applicants who are accepted shall purchase one share of stock in Newspaper Production & Research Center for $10.00. In addition to this amount, members will pay annual dues. If your daily circulation is listed at 12,500 or less, your annual dues would be $300.00. If your daily circulation is 50,000 or more, your annual dues would be $1,200.00. If your daily circulation is over 12,500, but under 50,000, your annual dues would be .024 times the daily circulation rate. New members are also required to pay a one-time assessment of one half of one year's dues. This application along with a check to cover the share of stock, dues and the one-time assessment should be returned to the address above.